Preparations are wrapping up this week at Pristine Rock as we approach the Florida Frag Swap show in Lakeland.  We’re cleaning, processing, and sorting tons of rock (literally) to bring as many creative products as we can load on a trailer and haul to the convention center.  Our checklist of things to do grows daily as we countdown the days remaining until the show. As such a young company we are still learning the world of business and can see clearly just how much planning goes into all the details of preparing for a show.

We started by making sure we had enough Oolite Limestone rock on hand to create the variety of products that customers love, such as our frag rocks and frag ledges.  We planned to create a sizable back stock of inventory, some to take to the show, and some to have on hand for any influx of interest in the weeks following the show.  Another variety of these products that we started offering as recently as one week ago, is to add UV material to frag rocks and ledges or on our Ancient Reef Rock, which is our cleaned, tank-ready base rock.  There’s been excitement from our customers for the variety of UV colors we can apply to rock, and some are calling it Miami Vice rock. These options for color are great, especially for tanks without coral. Or to add to a custom designed decorative piece such as a clam rock, or some Ancient Reef Layers being added to your tank.

Also, we brainstormed up some really great promotions to help spread the word that Pristine Rock will have a booth at the Florida Frag Swap and we’re coming fully loaded with product and great pricing to get our dry rock into your aquariums.  There are special promotions just for the show, and coupons will be given out for use on our website after the show. Check out the promos on our Facebook Page.

Not to mention that regular business must continue, with constant interest in custom work and designs, and continuing to update our website with new products, photos, and useful information.  As a new business we are working on a learning curve and simple tasks such as how to improve the design of our website can take several hours of time watching video tutorials and adjusting settings.  All of this juggled on top of our most important job, being involved and loving parents. For the most part we try to complete the bulk of our work after our kids bedtime. However, this means working after 8:30 in the evening, after the daylight hours are gone, and when we still have to remind ourselves to get a few decent hours of sleep to recharge for early alarms signaling it’s time to get up and get to the daytime jobs. It’s challenging and exhausting to manage a schedule like ours but we are committed to our children, committed to our future as a family and company and we’re willing to put in the hard work necessary to maintain and grow.

Planning for the weekend trip to the Florida Frag Swap in Lakeland, to include a hotel stay with two toddlers, preparing ideas to keep them entertained on the drive and in the booth all day at the show, healthy meals and plenty of snacks, is a feat of its own.  We decided that since we will be so close to Dinosaur World and our little ones are fascinated by dinosaurs that we would take our time heading back to Miami after the show and stop to have a little fun and decompress after the long week. All in all we are excited for the experience of the weekend ahead and to have the opportunity to bring our customer’s creativity and ideas to life, and dry rock to aquariums all over the country.