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Royal Shelf Rock is 100% natural oolite limestone dry rock that has been harvested from the Earth where older rock lies.  This rock is very porous allowing increased surface area in which beneficial bacteria and algae are able to grow.  It also provides extra hiding space for copepods and small invertebrates (e.g. hermit crabs, shrimp, and snails).

The large porous surface combined with the long shelflike shape of this rock is what gives it the name Shelf Rock.  When sustainably sourced from the Earth as dry rock, it naturally fractures to create its shelf appearance and shape.  It is a versatile type of rock that can add variety to your existing scape, or easily construct a new scape with a stand out design.  Shelf rock will not fall short of helping you create a rockscape that will ooh and ahh.

Royal Shelf Rock has been colored a variation of royal purple to emulate the natural look of coraline algae.  We like to think of it as the royal treatment.  These pieces are sure to add a pop of that beautiful coraline color to your tank.

Royal Shelf Rock is sold by the pound.  Indicate the number of pounds in the quantity field.

If you are looking for specific size ranges, please leave a comment in your order.  For extra large Shelf Rock please click the Contact Us tab.

Small 3-6 inches | Medium 7-11 inches | Large 12-17 inches


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