Pico Shelf Tree Scape DIY Kit


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Our Pristine Rock Pico Shelf Tree Rockscape Kit is the perfect DIY kit for all our smaller scale aquarists. Those tiny tanks can be pesky pains to scape so let us make it easy for you! This Shelf Tree Kit is the perfect size for Pico tanks with dimensions greater than the finished piece, which is on average about 7 inches long, 5 inches wide, 6 inches tall. While each rock is unique and measurements vary depending on arrangement of the pieces, the built structure will be around 7″x 5″x 6″.

Included in this kit is 5 pieces of rock (ranging from 1-2 pounds), including a base, shelves, and a cap, all drilled with holes to fit the included 5″ acrylic dowel. This versatile kit allows you to create different looks by rearranging the order and position the rock is stacked, until you create the rockscape of your dreams.

Pristine Rock is real, ancient reef rock, that has been responsibly sources, cleaned, dried, and is reef safe and tank ready.

Also available in our Royal Purple, reef-safe coloring. It is non-toxic and 100% reef safe, applied to emulate the naturally growing Coralline algae.

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Natural (no color), Royal Purple