25# Mixed Pack


Our mixed packs include our most popular Ancient Shelf Rock, and our Ancient Reef Cuts all in one box for you to create a DIY rockscape that will be sure to WOW!  Place the cuts flat side down to create bases, caves, or pillars, or place them upside down into nooks of other bases, to create flat surfaces and ledges.  Then use the shelf rock to create beautiful shelves and bridges, and complete the look of the rockscape.  Each rock is unique and versatile and each box contains a variety of hand-picked sizes and shapes that can be used to create dozens of different looks in your aquarium.

Available sizes are:

25 pound mixed pack;  50 pound mixed pack

Pair a 50# mixed pack with a 25# mixed pack to scape a 75-120 gallon tank.  Mix two 50# packs to scape a 125-175 gallon tank.

**Each size pack contains roughly half weight of Ancient Shelf Rock and half weight of Ancient Reef Cuts**

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