The Pristine Rock process of cleaning and making our rock ready for your tank is one that requires strength, focus, patience, and time. We know you’re thinking, “all of those things to clean rock?” and we say YES! One of our objectives is to ensure we minimize the amount of dust and sediment that remains on the rock when you put it into your aquarium. We at Pristine Rock want to keep your water pristine, too. So if you’re interested in how we take care of our dry aquarium rock, keep reading to hear about our process.

Trucks of Rock

If you’ve never watched a dump truck holding 18 tons of rock spill out that glistening white limestone all over the earth, then you haven’t lived. When our rock is delivered by the truck load it is packed in with tons of sand, dirt, and the earth where it came from. The dry aquarium rock is in very large boulders, some so heavy they require two people to move them. Once on-site, the rock must be broken down into smaller, workable pieces. We are sure to leave some larger pieces of rock that make nice bases for structures of our Ancient Reef Rock. We also break down rock into smaller sized pieces, rubble, and sand, for use in custom projects, or to sell as part of our rock packs or our rubble buckets. The breaking down of rock takes strength, but especially focus while working with tools and machinery, in a safely manner.

Cleaning Begins

After the rock is broken down it is then blasted with water using a pressure washer with over 4000 psi. If you watch the rock while it’s being cleaned it is transformed before your eyes into a completely new structure as it begins to take shape. It’s mesmerizing to watch rock being cleaned in this way, as the water blasting away the loose sediment reveals the unique structure that’s hidden beneath. At this point you can see how it may look if you use it in a custom build or as part of a rockscape, or as an accenting piece in your aquarium.

The Cleansing Soak

Finally, after the rock has been pressure washed until any sand and packed sediment is removed, the rock is placed into a soak. Depending on the color and cleanliness of the rock it will be soaked in either a vinegar-based solution, a chlorine-based solution, or an acid-based solution. The rock is inspected to ensure cleanliness and then placed into a dechlorinating soak to remove all chlorine from the rock. After the initial cleaning of the rock is done, we put the rock through a secondary soak cycle since there is some dust created from drilling frag holes, or adhering rock together for a custom built rockscape. We call ourselves Pristine Rock…and we truly mean pristine! 

Finishing Touches

The final step is air drying our rock to ensure it has time to off-gas any odors before we carefully pack it up and ship it to you. At this stage your rock is ready for your aquarium when it arrives at your doorstep. We are proud of the quality of our rock and the care we give it. We want the cleanest rock going into your aquarium and quality dry rock is what we guarantee will arrive to you.