One Year Old

Pristine Rock is officially one year old!  And boy, did we celebrate. The past year has taught us so much about ourselves, what we are capable of as a family business, how hard we’re willing to work when we set goals and propel ourselves towards them.  Most of all we’ve learned how amazingly supportive people are. Friends near and far, new and old, and the online aquarium community are those to thank for receiving our business and ideas with open arms. Without the incredible team we have and our supportive customers and followers rooting for us, we would not have made it to where we are at our one year anniversary.

Social Media Contest

It just so happened that we were approaching 1000 likes on Facebook during the weeks leading up to our one year mark.  In order to push us over that mark we held a giveaway contest on Facebook entering those who like, share, and follow our page into a raffle to win a free drilled magnetic frag ledge (a $75 value).  Also, we advertised that as a celebration for reaching 1000 likes on Facebook, we would offer a 40% off discount on purchases of Ancient Reef Rock through our website, for one week. The combination of the raffle giveaway and the upcoming sale really motivated the online community to reach new prospective customers and within a few weeks we hit our target of 1000 likes!  The timing could not have been better as this milestone happened the day after our 1 year anniversary.

One Year Anniversary Sale

Immediately following our raffle drawing we began promoting the weeklong sale, offering 40%off our Ancient Reef Rock, Ancient Reef Cuts, Ancient Reef Layers, Frag Rocks, and Frag Ledges when purchased through our website.  As a small company our website has been slowly coming together as we iron out the kinks in starting something new and unfamiliar but we wanted our customer base to know there’s a really easy way to shop for some of our most loved products.  This sale allowed us to test out the use of our website and fix any issues that arose. And we cannot say THANK YOU loud enough, for your patience as we realized some of our problems with shipping and quickly ironed them out. In fact, we turned problem into an opportunity and we now offer free shipping on all website orders over $30, and a $10 flat rate on orders under $30.

Putting all those technical difficulties aside, we were quickly blown away by the overwhelming response to our sale.  We had more business in one week than we had in any month last year. In all fairness, we were offering a great deal with aquarium dry rock at the lowest prices you could find them on the internet.  Either way, people put their trust in our products and service, and we’re so grateful for the opportunity to show everyone what our company has to offer. Once packages started to arrive at our customer’s doors they continued to show the love by posting pictures and giving us shout-outs in the online community.  This outpouring of support helped to finish our weeklong sale as strong as it started.

Rockin’ 2019

We certainly started out this year rockin’ having already been part of two shows (the Florida Frag Swap Lakeland and the FMAS show at Plantation High School) each offering big opportunities and loads of experience for us.  We also had an increase in custom orders which helped us expand our creativity once again and create some interesting pieces for customers to put in their tanks. Finally, we celebrated our one year anniversary at a time when the celebrations are only beginning for the Pristine Rock family.

Now that the (rock) dust settled from our 40% off sale we are currently in baby rockmaster birth preparation mode.  In a few short weeks our family will grow once again and welcome our newest baby to the world and we are loaded with anticipation and excitement!  To celebrate with our customers we’re planning our next sale to follow the birth of our baby, so stay tuned for details. Since many people have asked, we thoughtfully considered attending Reef-A-Palooza Orlando this year but the timing was too close to everything else we have going on, and we decided it would be best for us to attend next year.  And next year we’ll go big or go home for Reef-A-Palooza! Finally, we are already making some preparations for the Florida Frag Swap in Weston, just around the corner on June 8th. We’ll have even more custom ‘scapes for sale, Frag Ledges, Frag Rocks, great promos, and whatever other cool ideas we can cook up before the show.

The Pristine Rock family is so grateful for every single individual, support group, small business and LFS who has chatted with us, liked our page, followed us, supported us with suggestions, commented on our posts, helped us make connections, purchased our products, and simply stopped by to meet us at the events we’ve attended.  This yearlong journey has been unforgettable and we can’t wait to see where the next year takes us. One step (or rock) at a time, one foot in front of the other, and only with the love and support of YOU reading this. Thank you so much for your support. Peace, love, and happiness from our family to you!