Need gift ideas for the aquarium lover in your life? Here’s 10 great gift ideas for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or just a little something for any ordinary day.

1. Coral

While this is the most obvious gift to give, it takes a little thought and planning. Coral is not for everyone, especially the harder to grow SPS corals. But even the most novice coral grower can start with a few mushrooms or green star polyp to add a little color to their rock or sand.

2. Fish

Gifting a partner or friend a beautiful fish to add to their aquarium, is another practical gift. Fish come in endless varieties from their colors and sizes, to the way they interact with other fish, and behave in an aquarium. From tangs to angelfish, and clown fish to wrasses, adding a fish or two can make feeding time really exciting. Always be sure to research compatibility with other fish and corals if you’re adding them to a tank with some already acclimated species.

3. Lights

Keeping a healthy tank is much easier done when you have good lighting. While this can be a pricey gift it’s definitely worth the investment for the future of your loved one’s aquarium. Excellent lighting allows for optimum coral growth and overall tank wellness. As an added bonus, lighting can be made simple with controls at your fingertips right from your smartphone.

4. Aquarium Rock

What would an aquarium be without a beautiful rockscape? And a little gift of rock goes a long way. There are a variety of structures and rockscapes that can be designed with just a few nice pieces of aquarium rock. Check out this beautiful oolite limestone shelf rock quarried right from an ancient reef in south Florida. Your loved one can get creative and scape nice swim holes for fish, or cliffs to create shadows perfect for growing corals that require less light. Or these simple yet versatile frag rocks and ledges are great for placement in a tank with existing rock. The gift of aquarium rock is also the gift of adding a personal creative touch to aquariums around the world.

5. Protein Skimmer

Chances are if you have an aquarium with fish and coral, it wouldn’t hurt to install a protein skimmer to reduce nitrate levels in the water. Having clean tank water is essential to maintaining good health for all species of fish and coral, and even clams, crabs and shrimp. A protein skimmer is easy enough to maintain once it’s up and running and will help keep aquarium life at its prime. Who wouldn’t love the gift of easier water maintenance?

6. Glass Cleaner

Cleaning your aquarium glass is made so easy with this innovative blade scraper and magnet. This gift is less expensive but still thoughtful as it is necessary to optimize the view of your loved one’s beautiful aquarium.

7. Pump

Having a good pump on hand is a great tool to use when doing water changes and the need to move water arises. A pump is a fairly inexpensive gift that will become very useful at the most unexpected times.

8. Frag Rack

Ever have your tank in pristine condition and watch your corals flourish and populate? How about fragging a few to use in another location or sell! A frag rack is pretty handy at times like these. And if you don’t dig the egg crate look in your aquarium, how about having a custom rock creation to hold frags instead. Like a frag island made from real oolite limestone rock drilled with frag holes to grow out corals. Whether you choose the natural look or not, a Frag rack is a simple and inexpensive gift for the aquarium hobbyist.

9. Invertebrates (snails & hermits)

A clean up crew is essential to good aquarium health. How about adding a few to your aquarium to help keep algae growth on your rocks and glass manageable. You’ll want to add a few replacements to your invertebrates collection every so often to maintain a helpful population. ┬áThese little guys are a big gift to the aquarium lover in your life.

10. Pods

A sustainable aquarium requires a balance of the populations within the aquatic ecosystem. Copepods may be tiny to the human eyes but they help maintain a large biodiversity of life within the saltwater aquarium. Adding a variety of pods to your system will help maintain the proper level of algae growth as these tiny creatures fit into the small crevices in your rockscape where other clean up crew members (e.g. hermits and snails) are unable to reach. Plus these little guys populate easily. So give the gift of pods, the gift that keeps on multiplying.


Whether you decide to buy something decorative like aquarium rock or fish, or you go with a more practical gift like a glass cleaner or frag rack, your aquarium loving person will appreciate the thought put into their special gift. We hope this list provides some great gift ideas for you to give that special someone who has a love for their aquarium.